Director’s responsibilities when a business is in trouble

When a business is in trouble there will inevitably be tension between the completing rights and interests of the various stakeholders. Directors are often either driven to seek to save the business or to extract money that they have put into the business.… Read More

Have a safe trip!

Increasing safety on the roads and decreasing the road toll is an ongoing problem – the Land Transport (Road Safety and other Matters) Amendment Bill aims to address this.… Read More

What is a “memorandum of wishes”?

A memorandum of wishes is often signed in conjunction with a trust deed. What is it?… Read More

Relationship property division – how times have changed

When the Property (Relationships) Act was introduced in 2001 it was heralded by some as the start of a new era in family law.… Read More

You act for the bank as well?

Clients coming to New Zealand from the United Kingdom and Australia are often surprised that New Zealand lawyers can (and customarily do) act for both the client who is purchasing land and buildings and the Bank or other lending institution which is advancing the funding for the purchase.… Read More

Creditors beware!

In the current recessionary environment there are many business struggling to stay afloat.… Read More

Onerous protection: the new unit titles rules

The Unit Titles Regulations 2011, while designed to protect members of the public, it imposes considerable obligations on persons involved.… Read More

Are you mentally capable of signing a will?

How do you tell if someone is mentally capable of signing a will? What does the law say?… Read More

Are we de facto partners or just friends with benefits?

There are those who are quite content having their relationship within the realms of the casual who may be shocked to hear that it has, in fact, become a relationship that may be recognised as de facto.… Read More

Could you be the victim of a scam?

Given how prevalent and tricky some scams are, we should all be wary. Anyone can be targeted, and don’t assume that you will not be sucked in.… Read More

Can a family trust help me protect my property in the event of a relationship breakdown?

Whether a trust will provide you with protection in this situation will depend largely on timing. A trust is an ideal structure to protect assets acquired before or in the early stages of a relationship.… Read More

Trusts – getting the administration right

If you have a family trust, it is very important that it is run and administered properly. This means not treating the trust’s assets as if they still belong to you, but recognising that ownership of those assets is held by the trustees for the benefit of the trust’s beneficiaries.… Read More

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