When should a gift really be a loan (and the paper more than just wrapping)?

There are many reasons why whanau might want to lend money to each other. However, despite having the best of intentions, there is scope for things to go wrong if the loan is not properly documented. … Read More

Spousal maintenance, alimony, adult financial support – what is it, and when can you get it?

Spousal maintenance, or alimony, is a form of financial support for adults to ensure one partner doesn’t suffer undue hardship when the relationship ends. … Read More

Finding love later in life

Commencing a new relationship later in life is now a very common reality for lots of couples and with that, quite often come blended families with adult children. This article discusses some important legal considerations and discussions worth having with your partner.… Read More

Co-parenting across Alert Level 2 & 3 boundaries

For whānau living within and across Alert Level boundaries, navigating shared care arrangements can be a difficult and sometimes daunting task.… Read More

Am I in a de facto relationship?

In a de facto relationship, there can be significant financial implications if you separate or one partner passes away. Are you in one?… Read More

What is a contracting out agreement (AKA a Pre-Nup)?

When, why and how you should create a contracting out, or pre-nuptial, agreement.… Read More

How can I get a divorce in New Zealand?

The process you’ll need to follow to formally and legally separate from your ex-partner will depend on whether you are legally married or in a civil union, or in a de facto relationship.… Read More

Who’s got the power? Why you should set up Enduring Powers of Attorney

Enduring Powers of Attorney let you decide who can make decisions about you and your property if you can’t make those decisions due to illness or injury.… Read More

De facto relationships – what does “living together as a couple” actually mean?

If you live with someone as a couple for three years, if the relationship ends, then any property involved is divided equally – but what exactly is “living together as a couple”? And if your relationship ends, what happens to your stuff?… Read More

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