To lease or to buy? What’s best for your business?

There are pros and cons to leasing and buying, so the answer will depend on your business and the stage it’s at.… Read More

The pre-franchise sleuthing zone for prospective franchisees

Research before you buy in to a franchise is crucial, and the good news is there’s a lot you can find out for yourself.… Read More

Are your contract terms “fair”?

The New Zealand Commerce Commission is still finding businesses breaching the Unfair Contract Terms rules. … Read More

WRMK lawyer admitted to the bar today

Congratulations to Dilshaan Mohanaraj on his admission to the bar today, in a ceremony presided over by Justice Downs at the Whangarei High Court.… Read More

The Contracts and Commercial Law Act 2017 – what does it mean for you?

The Contracts and Commercial Law Act 2017 can be thought of as the latest model Ute to come out of the legislative dealership – a fresh, remastered vehicle for modern day use. … Read More

Statutory demand notices – a useful tool with benefits and risks

Statutory demand notices are commonly used as a helpful tool to create leverage to collect undisputed debts.… Read More

Want to make your mark? Register it!

Does your business have a trade name or do you have a branding idea? If so, you have some homework to do. … Read More

Lessors beware! What to watch out for if you’re in the business of leasing goods

Leasing goods for a term of more than one year creates a security interest. This security interest means you have a right to the goods you have leased, even though you may not have physical possession of them.… Read More

Five benefits of having a shareholders agreement

Shareholders agreements are useful for companies with a relatively small number of shareholders, where the potential for deadlock and disagreement is greater.… Read More

Are you really prepared to give that guarantee?

Before giving a guarantee, whether it is for your children or your business, it pays to understand the worst case scenario.… Read More

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