Not paying the rent?

It’s worthwhile knowing where you stand with your lease if you are a tenant who has not been keeping up with rent payments, or if you are a landlord and your tenant has not been paying the rent. … Read More

Sharemilking agreements – know what you’re getting yourself into

It’s that time of year when farm-owners and sharemilkers are assessing where they are at and deciding where they want to be and doing next season. … Read More

Law change to protect car owner privacy

In May 2011 the Land Transport Act 1998 was amended to better protect vehicle owners’ privacy. … Read More

Companies and Limited Partnerships Amendment Bill

The Companies and Limited Partnerships Amendment Bill was introduced into parliament. If passed, the Bill is set to amend the Companies Act 1993 and Limited Partnerships Act 2008.… Read More

Getting paid under a construction contract

The contract can be written or oral, and relate to work that is commercial or residential. … Read More

Director’s responsibilities when a business is in trouble

When a business is in trouble there will inevitably be tension between the completing rights and interests of the various stakeholders. Directors are often either driven to seek to save the business or to extract money that they have put into the business.… Read More

You act for the bank as well?

Clients coming to New Zealand from the United Kingdom and Australia are often surprised that New Zealand lawyers can (and customarily do) act for both the client who is purchasing land and buildings and the Bank or other lending institution which is advancing the funding for the purchase.… Read More

Creditors beware!

In the current recessionary environment there are many business struggling to stay afloat.… Read More

Could you be the victim of a scam?

Given how prevalent and tricky some scams are, we should all be wary. Anyone can be targeted, and don’t assume that you will not be sucked in.… Read More

Becoming a company director – pause for thought

It is fundamental for anyone asked to accept an appointment as a director that they understand the duties, responsibilities, risks and liabilities involved.… Read More

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