Facebook friend or Facebook fiend?

When you reflect on your Facebook ‘friends’, how many degrees of separation exist between you and your employer’s clients?… Read More

Extended warranties – Consumer Law Reform Bill

The Consumer Law Reform Bill was reported back on by the Commerce Select Committee at the end of last year. … Read More

Rural employment agreements – more than just filling in the gaps

The Employment Relations Act 2000 requires that all employees have a written agreement of employment. … Read More

Get registered or prepare to get burned

If you are in the business of supplying or providing goods (or property of any kind) either by way of lease, credit, consignment or under a retention of title clause then you need to ensure that your interest in these goods is registered on the Personal Property Securities Register as a security interest.… Read More

Liability of board members and trustees of charities on liquidation

Trustees and board members of incorporated charitable trusts or societies can be personally liable if the trust or society has not kept proper accounts that give a true and fair view of the affairs of the entity.… Read More

Governance and management – there’s a difference?

Governance actually has little to do with the day-to-day management and operations of the entity – a shock to many directors and appointed representatives.… Read More

Liability of board members and trustees of charities

What is the personal risk to you if you are a board member of a charity?… Read More

Reminders and tips for terms of trade

Are your terms of trade effective – do they help make sure that you maximise your chances of getting paid? … Read More

A trap for charities

Keep your register of officers up to date to avoid your charity losing its charitable status.… Read More

The importance of having a quorum

For those of you who are involved in meetings of organisations you might be interested in the rules relating to quorums.… Read More

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