Fresh feedback needed on freshwater plan

It’s not too late to have your say on the Government’s Essential Freshwater Package – the deadline for submissions has been extended to 31 October.… Read More

When employees’ misconduct or bad behaviour matters

When an employer fires an employee for misconduct but gets the process wrong, the first thing they tend to ask us is “Doesn’t the employee’s bad behaviour matter at all?”.… Read More

Farmers as employers – dealing with timesheets

Lawyer and farmer Alice Chapman shares how her team have managed the “timesheet issue” on her farm.… Read More

Farm succession planning – take a step back and look forward

It’s little wonder that farm succession planning is in the “too-hard basket” for many farmers, with relatively high rural property prices making it very difficult for the next generation of farmers to buy out other family members at market value.… Read More

Rural employment agreements – more than just filling in the gaps

The Employment Relations Act 2000 requires that all employees have a written agreement of employment. … Read More

Livestock straying or wandering on roads

While farmers essentially have the responsibility of keeping out straying livestock rather than a duty to keep their own livestock in, there can be other consequences if livestock strays from inadequately fenced land.… Read More

Where does your effluent go?

Resource consent must be obtained by farmers in all regions before discharging treated effluent into a waterway.… Read More

Sharemilking agreements – know what you’re getting yourself into

It’s that time of year when farm-owners and sharemilkers are assessing where they are at and deciding where they want to be and doing next season. … Read More

Helmets on quad bikes: nuisance or necessity?

Northland farmers resisting calls to wear helmets when riding quad bikes on farms has caused concern with agencies such as ACC and Brain Injury Association Northland.… Read More

Tractors and children – a potentially lethal combination

People often believe that farm children understand farm risks. But it’s not as simple as that –most children who die in farm incidents are family members (either of the farm owner or of farm workers).… Read More

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