Calling out a RAT

With increasing stories of positive RAT results being sold online and the enticing prospect of a seven day holiday, the risk of sick leave fraud in workplaces is ever increasing. So if you have suspicions and want to call out a RAT, here’s what you can do.… Read More

The wavering corporate veil: Ignorance of the law no longer a protection against employers’ personal liability

A Court of Appeal decision underlines the expectation that all employers should be compliant with minimum employment standards.… Read More

Whistle-blowers get (some) new legal protections

The Protected Disclosures (Protection of Whistleblowers) Act 2022 sets out what will, and will not, be protected.… Read More

Fast-tracking resource consent for development projects

The ‘Fast Track Consenting Act’ provides an alternative consenting pathway for eligible infrastructure and development projects. … Read More

Sexual harassment in the workplace – one year to raise a personal grievance

Time limit for an employee to raise a personal grievance for alleged sexual harassment to increase from 90 days to 1 year.… Read More

Rethinking ‘no chores, no dessert’ – the Gloriavale decision and its employment risks

The Employment Court has declared that three Gloriavale members were employees from the age of six through to when they left the Gloriavale community.… Read More

How long does it take to pay out an estate after someone dies?

There is a process when someone dies to establish that the will is the right one, or to give someone the power to administer the estate. Most estates take approx. 7 months to a year to complete.… Read More

Do I still need an independent trustee for my family trust?

If you’ve been through a review process and decided your trust is still necessary, the next question may be whether you still need to retain an independent trustee? … Read More

WRMK Lawyers celebrates six new leaders

We are delighted to announce two additions to our Board of Directors; and the promotion of two associates and two senior lawyers.… Read More

Show me the honey – fair process is critical in dealing with personal grievances

An employee of a Manuka honey producer does dodgy deals, but still gets $18,000 personal grievance payout for botched termination. … Read More

COVID-19 vaccination mandate: complicated for employers but great for employment lawyers

A new bill will make terminating a person’s employment on the grounds of vaccination status a lot more costly for employers.… Read More

Vaccination mandate continues to widen

Over the past three days we have seen several key developments in COVID-19 employment law that will likely affect the future operation of your business. … Read More

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