When should a gift really be a loan (and the paper more than just wrapping)?

There are many reasons why whanau might want to lend money to each other. However, despite having the best of intentions, there is scope for things to go wrong if the loan is not properly documented. … Read More

A Cautionary Christmas Tale…

An Australian employer facing a fine of up to $87,000 for a bad taste and illegal Christmas party prank is a salutary reminder that it is time to consider the behaviours that should be expected in the workplace as we roll into the festive season.… Read More

Spousal maintenance, alimony, adult financial support – what is it, and when can you get it?

Spousal maintenance, or alimony, is a form of financial support for adults to ensure one partner doesn’t suffer undue hardship when the relationship ends. … Read More

Trial period provision soon to be removed for Accredited Employer Work Visa holders 

Employers under the Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV) scheme will not be allowed to use 90-day trial periods for AEWV holders from 29 October 2023.… Read More

What could the 2023 election mean for employment law? 

We look at this election’s major players and their policy proposals, and what major changes may (or may not) be in store should we have a change of government.… Read More

Safeguarding your investment when buying ‘off the plans’

‘Off the plans’ transactions offer potential benefits but they also come with inherent risks. This article explains how to protect yourself.… Read More

Talking politics at work a bad idea

A timely reminder that talking politics at work is always a bad idea – especially in the current climate.… Read More

Finding love later in life

Commencing a new relationship later in life is now a very common reality for lots of couples and with that, quite often come blended families with adult children. This article discusses some important legal considerations and discussions worth having with your partner.… Read More

A race against time for fair pay agreements

17 months fair pay agreements (FPAs) were passed into law, what has changed?… Read More

Help! A personal grievance, what should I do? 

Tips for business owners when handling an employee’s personal grievance claim… Read More

Enforcing court judgments – what happens if the judge’s orders go unheeded?

This article explains your options if you have been through a court process and received an order that a defendant needs to pay you money, but the defendant does not comply with the order.… Read More

Are you owed money? Then you need to read this

Mistakes arise when people misunderstand the differences between a claim in debt, and a claim in damages. Understanding the difference between the two, and seeking appropriate legal advice, will help you know how best to get your money back.… Read More

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