Rent reduction for businesses due to COVID-19

For those leasing commercial premises, you may be able to obtain a rent reduction to help bring your costs down during this difficult period.… Read More

How does a sub-lease work?

A sub-lease arrangement can enable commercial tenants to recover rental and other costs for part or all of their leased premises.… Read More

What are the new tax rules for landlords?

Government announces changes to bright-line test and interest deductions on residential property income.… Read More

Government rent relief scheme – not quite ready to roll

The proposed scheme would provide a process to determine the level of rent relief available to small businesses and a mechanism to resolve lease disputes between landlord and tenant.… Read More

Getting commercial leases right: protect your premises and your cash flow

Recent developments have shown just how important having a comprehensive, well-drafted lease is when things go wrong.… Read More

To lease or to buy? What’s best for your business?

There are pros and cons to leasing and buying, so the answer will depend on your business and the stage it’s at.… Read More

Due diligence: 12 important things to be aware of

What is involved in due diligence for a commercial building? Here’s why it’s such a good idea.… Read More

Are you really prepared to give that guarantee?

Before giving a guarantee, whether it is for your children or your business, it pays to understand the worst case scenario.… Read More

Selling your business and assigning the lease?

Even if you have successfully assigned your lease to a new tenant with landlord consent, you may still be liable on the lease.… Read More

Not paying the rent?

It’s worthwhile knowing where you stand with your lease if you are a tenant who has not been keeping up with rent payments, or if you are a landlord and your tenant has not been paying the rent. … Read More

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