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Our specialist construction law team works with clients at every stage of a project. That means taking a multi-disciplinary approach – drawing together the different areas of law which affect construction. We prepare and negotiate robust construction contracts, advise on property acquisition and subdivision, provide health & safety advice, and (at the pointy end) deal with the claims, variations, queries, disputes and litigation that can arise as a project progresses.

Because we see construction law as a core practice area, rather than a part-time interest, we understand the industry and are able to give industry-specific guidance on what is “the norm” as well as pragmatic legal advice.

We regularly work with construction companies, developers, consultants and business owners commissioning their own projects. Our advice covers projects big and small – from some of the largest projects in New Zealand right down to helping with residential developments in our own back yard. Either way, our focus is getting the job right from conception to completion. If something unexpected does arise, our construction dispute experts have a range of tools at their disposal to solve the problem in as timely and cost-effective a way as possible.

Overlaying the core legal areas of contract/commercial, property law and litigation, the construction industry is governed by various statutes, including the Building Act and the Construction Contracts Act. Both of those pieces of legislation are complex, change regularly, and provide risks and benefits to contractors and their clients alike. We advise on issues such as:

  • engaging the right consultants on the right terms
  • construction contract drafting – choosing and drafting the right contract for each project
  • payment claims, variations, unexpected works and other project management issues
  • disputes – payments, scope of works, defects, subcontractor disputes, Construction Contracts Act Adjudication, Mediation, High Court litigation, and
  • leaky buildings.


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Chris Taylor


Office: Whangarei

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Simon Davies-Colley


Office: Whangarei, Kerikeri

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