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Our relationship property law team can help you with pre-nuptial contracting out agreements, separation agreements, property sharing agreements, powers of attorney, living wills and advanced care directions, personal and property rights applications, and elder care issues.

A bit of forward planning by talking about things and making agreements can often prevent later problems. We give wise, strictly confidential advice based on our extensive experience.

We’ll make sure the arrangements we create for you are aligned to your needs and wider situation, be it a business, personal, trust or investment matter at hand.

We can also advise you about what to do when you separate from your spouse or partner, and what your rights and obligations are. That may mean negotiating an agreement or it may mean going to Court to sort it out.

When you enter into a relationship, it is important to make sure your property is protected. If you separate, it is important to divide your property fairly. We can advise you about agreements to achieve those goals.

When you marry, or enter into a civil union or de facto relationship, you need to think about the effect that will have on any property you own. If your property is not protected by an agreement it may mean that your partner could claim against your property if you separate. That can happen if you live together with someone for three years.

We can advise you on the best way protect your assets for your situation; often that involves making a relationship property agreement.

Sometimes life doesn’t work out in the way we hope. If things turn sour, our disputes experts can help you work through matrimonial disputes effectively and with minimum distress.

If you have recently separated and are unsure about what to do, we can help. We’ll start by having a chat with you to find out what your situation is and what may be best for you.

Unfortunately, separations can sometimes get messy. Our goal is to keep that from happening by providing commonsense and practical advice.

We know how to explain the law in a simple way and guide you through the process so that you always understand what is going on.

Sometimes, going to Court is unavoidable. Our lawyers are experienced in bringing and defending Court proceedings at all levels of the Court system.

Many Kiwi families own their family wealth in a trust. But what happens when the trust breaks down? The trustees might be at loggerheads or a beneficiary might be treated unfairly.

Disputes may also arise when someone dies, a distressing time in any circumstance. Sometimes wills can be challenged, or the right person hasn’t been appointed as executor of a will.

We can guide you through these difficult situations. Our team is highly experienced in acting as your advocate in trust and estate disputes.


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