Methamphetamine testing – hoax or threat?

Was the New Zealand public tricked over the threats on methamphetamine contamination or is the threat still real?… Read More

First home buyers: structuring parental support

There are a variety of ways parents and children can acquire property together, and there are risks and benefits to each structure.… Read More

When does the “bright-line test” start and finish?

If you sell a residential property in New Zealand within a certain timeframe, you must pay income tax on any gains, unless it’s your main home or other exemption applies.… Read More

Top five tips for buying your first home

Having a good lawyer on your side can help you avoid potential pitfalls, make the most of your KiwiSaver and sail into a smooth settlement.… Read More

Welcome to the June edition of eConnect

In this issue: employment matters, the Privacy Bill 2018 and land covenants.… Read More

The new rules on selling to overseas buyers won’t affect me, right?

New rules about an overseas person acquiring land in New Zealand came into force in October 2018.… Read More

Winter is almost over – time to rent the bach out

With summer approaching, it is important you are up to date with your rights and obligations as a landlord.… Read More

Relocatable houses – making sure your dream home arrives safe and sound

With property prices around the country reaching record highs, many people are looking to relocatable houses as a faster or more cost-effective option.… Read More

Is your pool cool for summer?

Summer is something that all Northlanders look forward to, but before you dust off your speedos, now is the perfect time to check your pool satisfies all of its legal requirements.… Read More

My Backyard Subdivision – Part 6: Insurance

In the final part of our Backyard Subdivision series, we discuss the different types of insurance that come into play during a development project, and the need to get specialist advice.… Read More

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