Health and safety: large fines for simple mistakes

Health and Safety is often looked at as a compliance cost, or a hindrance. It’s harder to dismiss when a failure to take it seriously results in a death, and over $700,000 in fines and payments from the business.… Read More

Health and safety reforms

Reform to health and safety rules has taken a significant step forward with the Health and Safety Reform Bill, introduced to parliament on 10 March 2014.… Read More

Are your employees stressed? Employers, be aware

Workplace stress is an increasing cause of absence from work on sick leave.… Read More

Helmets on quad bikes: nuisance or necessity?

Northland farmers resisting calls to wear helmets when riding quad bikes on farms has caused concern with agencies such as ACC and Brain Injury Association Northland.… Read More

Tractors and children – a potentially lethal combination

People often believe that farm children understand farm risks. But it’s not as simple as that –most children who die in farm incidents are family members (either of the farm owner or of farm workers).… Read More