WRMK welcomes Pera Paniora to the firm

We’re delighted to welcome lawyer Ihapera (Pera) Paniora to our Dargaville team.… Read More

The Disputes Tribunal process

The Disputes Tribunal is a unique form of dispute resolution which is designed to be both cost-efficient, speedy and above-all, easy to access for all people. So what is the Tribunal and what can it do for you?… Read More

Defamation: what is it?

Defamation protects your reputation and extends not only to your general character but also to your standing in the community.… Read More

To mediate or to litigate – that is the question

We’ve all been there.  You are in the middle of a situation and you are finding yourself painted into a corner.  What do you do next?… Read More

Can a school be sued if one of their students is bullied?

In most common law jurisdictions it is possible to seek compensation from either the bully or the school for the harm suffered as a result of school bullying. … Read More

How social media changes negotiation tactics

Social media has changed the way disputes are negotiated. Now, every couple of weeks a legal threat goes viral and results in public backlash. … Read More

The case for mediation

One way or another, I have been resolving other people’s conflicts for more than 25 years, and in the majority of conflicts one common theme is present.… Read More

Yofi killed by chow: $45,000 damages awarded by court

A case is reported from Seattle USA, where Yofi, a 12 year old cat was mauled to death in her owner’s back yard by the neighbour’s Chow dog.… Read More

View blocked by neighbours’ trees

A nice view is an attractive feature for a property. Houses are often built in ways that take advantage of the property’s view.  It can be distressing when that view becomes blocked by your neighbours’ trees.… Read More

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