Dealing with property during COVID-19 Alert Level 4

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With the country in lock down, it cannot be ‘business as usual’ in terms of dealing with property. For those buying or selling property, this article gives you a heads up on some things you should know.

While our doors are physically shut, WRMK Lawyers is working remotely to help you during the lock down. We have run a digital office for many years and we are now working remotely.

Do you have a move planned during the lock down?

You might struggle to provide vacant possession if furniture removal companies are not available to shift your furniture. A simple solution could be agreeing to defer settlement until the lock down period is over. Many of our clients are choosing to negotiate this now and agreeing to defer settlement to 10 working days after the lock down period ends.

Some clients may choose to complete settlement but allow the vendor to stay on in the property and rent until the lock down period ends.

Before signing any agreement please ask the agent send a copy to us so we can work with you to make sure settlement will go smoothly. There are few changes we need to make to agreements to deal with the uncertainty everyone is facing right now.

Do you need to have documents signed and witnessed?

Many documents can be signed by an independent adult witness, and do not necessarily require a solicitor or JP. Finding an independent adult witness can be difficult in isolation, however depending on the document, there may be scope to have these witnessed electronically.

We can also get many loan documents signed electronically.

Authorities can be witnessed via Skype or Zoom if you have been a client of our firm for over 12 months.

Land Information NZ also remains open so we can complete your property settlement.

We’re here for you if you need us

Please get in touch with us if you have any concerns, particularly if a settlement is due to occur during the lock down period. We are here to support you.

Every effort has been made to ensure accuracy in this newsletter. However, the items are necessarily generalised and readers are urged to seek specific advice on particular matters and not rely solely on this text.