Fed up with noisy neighbours?

Having noisy neighbours is a real problem. Read on to find out what steps you can take to put a stop to excessive noise created by your neighbours.… Read More

You should sort out unpaid fines

People with unpaid fines are appearing in Court in this country every week, facing the prospect of jail time if a satisfactory arrangement is not made to pay the fine.… Read More

How long does it take to pay out an estate after someone dies?

There is a process when someone dies to establish that the will is the right one, or to give someone the power to administer the estate.… Read More

Thinking of a retirement village?

As you become older, your residential living needs change, and moving may become necessary. There are four general types of residential arrangements that you can consider.… Read More

Death and the trustee

Many thousands of people are executors and/or trustees of their friend’s or family member’s will but what does this mean and what does it involve?… Read More

Can you require your neighbour to contribute to your boundary fence?

The Fencing Act 1978 makes the occupiers of adjoining lands liable to contribute equally to work on a fence on the common boundary. However, to ensure that your neighbour contributes to a fence is not always that easy.… Read More

Be careful offering services or advice to friends or family

Have you ever considered that under the law of agency you could be legally liable for any shortcomings in what you provide?… Read More

What are easements?

Always check the title when buying a property. This is done by a conducting a title search of the property. This article is focused on a small part of a title search – easements.… Read More

Reverse mortgages

If you own a house, are short on cash, and are around 60 years old, banks will sometimes agree to lend you money and only expect repayment when certain things (for example your death or the sale of the property) happen. These are called “reverse mortgages”.… Read More

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