A heads up about healthy homes

All private rentals must comply with the Healthy Home Standards within 90 days of any new or renewed tenancy after 1 July 2021, with all private rentals complying by 1 July 2024.… Read More

Using unqualified “tradies” may lead to unexpected consequences

While getting a “handy mate” to do work on your property at “mate’s rates” may seem like a good idea at the time, it can create problems later on.… Read More

Rule changes mean less red tape for some home projects

Change is coming to the Building Act to allow more exemptions for building consents, saving costs and time for homeowners looking to upgrade their property.… Read More

2019 Hospice House Tour a success

WRMK Lawyers was delighted to support the 2019 Girls Club Hospice House Tour.… Read More

Buyer beware: Changes to standard Sale and Purchase Agreement

Vendors and buyers take note, changes have occurred to the standard Sale and Purchase Agreement form used by most agents and lawyers when buying or selling property.  … Read More

First home buyers: structuring parental support

There are a variety of ways parents and children can acquire property together, and there are risks and benefits to each structure.… Read More

11 things you should know before you become a family trustee

Being a family trustee is an important job. It’s a compliment to be asked, but you need to weigh up carefully if you want to take it on.… Read More

When is a Sale and Purchase Agreement really unconditional?

Many people think that if there are no special conditions in their Sale and Purchase Agreement, then their agreement is unconditional, but this is not the case.… Read More

Becoming a school trustee

You don’t need to be a professional to be a school trustee, but you do need common sense, to work well in a team, and to be prepared to ask questions. … Read More

Can a school be sued if one of their students is bullied?

In most common law jurisdictions it is possible to seek compensation from either the bully or the school for the harm suffered as a result of school bullying. … Read More

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