Employee rights are paramount, even – or especially – in a pandemic

Snells Beach Café ordered to pay over $136,000 for abruptly sacking employees just before New Zealand’s first alert-level 4 lockdown in 2020.… Read More

Top tips for flexible working success

When it comes to staff working remotely, keeping connected is essential. Here’s some top tips for flexible working success.… Read More

Fair Pay Agreements – fair enough?

FPAs, designed to lift workers’ pay and improve terms of employment on a sector by sector basis, are on the way.… Read More

Public sector wage freeze could backfire

Public sector wage freeze may result in workplace churn, disengaged public servants, writes David Grindle.… Read More

Employees who don’t fit in

The workplace is better if everyone enjoys what they do and the people they work with. Here’s what you can do about an employee who is bringing the team down.… Read More

Privacy when working from home: what’s an employer to do?

Employers should be wary about breaching their privacy obligations when conducting pre-employment checks or giving references.… Read More

A cautionary tale: calculating annual leave under the Holidays Act 2003

The 2020 Employment Court decision in Metropolitan Glass & Glazing Ltd v Labour Inspector, MBIE contains some important lessons for employers and employees alike.… Read More

Have yourself a merry little Christmas…party

Employers and their staff need to have fun, but be conscious of the risks that can arise through social interaction outside of the workplace.… Read More

Beating bullying and harassment at work

Bullying and harassment of all kinds is an increasingly common workplace employment issue.… Read More

Pandemic sharpens paperwork focus

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought into sharp focus the importance of having well –considered, written and signed employment agreements. … Read More

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