Employee rights are paramount, even – or especially – in a pandemic

Snells Beach Café ordered to pay over $136,000 for abruptly sacking employees just before New Zealand’s first alert-level 4 lockdown in 2020.… Read More

Top tips for flexible working success

When it comes to staff working remotely, keeping connected is essential. Here’s some top tips for flexible working success.… Read More

Fair Pay Agreements – fair enough?

FPAs, designed to lift workers’ pay and improve terms of employment on a sector by sector basis, are on the way.… Read More

Business in a (COVID-19) bubble

With two NZ travel bubbles now fully operational, Kiwis are finally able to take off on a long-awaited holiday. For employers, this raises some questions as to how to manage employees’ personal and work-related travel.… Read More

Public sector wage freeze could backfire

Public sector wage freeze may result in workplace churn, disengaged public servants, writes David Grindle.… Read More

The minimum wage has gone up – don’t get caught short

On 1 April 2021 the standard adult minimum wage in New Zealand increased again from $18.90 to $20.00 per hour.… Read More

Jabs and Jobs: Vaccinating workers against COVID-19

There are many businesses who will want everyone in the workplace to be vaccinated against COVID-19. Can an employer in NZ make vaccination mandatory like other health and safety requirements?… Read More

Employees who don’t fit in

The workplace is better if everyone enjoys what they do and the people they work with. Here’s what you can do about an employee who is bringing the team down.… Read More

Privacy when working from home: what’s an employer to do?

Employers should be wary about breaching their privacy obligations when conducting pre-employment checks or giving references.… Read More

Minimum wage payments during a Level 4 lockdown – what you need to know

The Employment Court recently considered a discrete issue about whether employees at home are entitled to receive the minimum wage during the lockdown period.… Read More

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