Becoming a company director – pause for thought

It is fundamental for anyone asked to accept an appointment as a director that they understand the duties, responsibilities, risks and liabilities involved.… Read More

Debt collecting 101: register a security interest over goods you sell on credit

When selling goods and services on credit you are taking on a huge risk and it is important to do everything you can to get paid.… Read More

Have you been “interrupted”?

The recent Christchurch earthquakes have thrown the spotlight on insurance and many business owners have been caught short with inadequate business interruption insurance.… Read More

How much should you pay at a mortgagee sale?

You should not pay full price when you buy a property at a mortgagee sale. There are major differences that apply to these contracts and the price should reflect that.… Read More

Is my business doomed, or is there a lifeline?

When a business finds itself in trouble the immediate questions which arise are “can the business be saved?”, and from the owner’s perspective, “how much am I going to lose?”… Read More

Is your land title limited as to parcels? Where is your boundary?

In New Zealand we have an expectation that the boundaries of land we own are precisely defined. Generally that is the case.… Read More

Refresher: payment claims under the Construction Contracts Act 2002

The Construction Contracts Act provides quick and simple procedures to resolve disputes about money due under construction contracts.… Read More

Fed up with noisy neighbours?

Having noisy neighbours is a real problem. Read on to find out what steps you can take to put a stop to excessive noise created by your neighbours.… Read More

You should sort out unpaid fines

People with unpaid fines are appearing in Court in this country every week, facing the prospect of jail time if a satisfactory arrangement is not made to pay the fine.… Read More

How long does it take to pay out an estate after someone dies?

There is a process when someone dies to establish that the will is the right one, or to give someone the power to administer the estate.… Read More

Thinking of a retirement village?

As you become older, your residential living needs change, and moving may become necessary. There are four general types of residential arrangements that you can consider.… Read More

Death and the trustee

Many thousands of people are executors and/or trustees of their friend’s or family member’s will but what does this mean and what does it involve?… Read More

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