Yofi killed by chow: $45,000 damages awarded by court

A case is reported from Seattle USA, where Yofi, a 12 year old cat was mauled to death in her owner’s back yard by the neighbour’s Chow dog.… Read More

If I am buying a property do I have to pay a deposit?

Most sellers will require a deposit to be paid and there is a provision in the standard Agreement for Sale and Purchase for it.… Read More

Family trust beneficiaries: the hope or expectation of benefit

You may be a beneficiary under a trust you have set up or set up by your parents or by a wife, husband or partner – what does that entitle you to?… Read More

Do I need a relationship property or contracting out agreement?

Most of us would agree that when you have been in a relationship for a long time, had children together and worked together to build up assets for the family, the equal sharing regime put in place by the Property (Relationships) Act 1976 makes sense.… Read More

Helmets on quad bikes: nuisance or necessity?

Northland farmers resisting calls to wear helmets when riding quad bikes on farms has caused concern with agencies such as ACC and Brain Injury Association Northland.… Read More

View blocked by neighbours’ trees

A nice view is an attractive feature for a property. Houses are often built in ways that take advantage of the property’s view.  It can be distressing when that view becomes blocked by your neighbours’ trees.… Read More

Tractors and children – a potentially lethal combination

People often believe that farm children understand farm risks. But it’s not as simple as that –most children who die in farm incidents are family members (either of the farm owner or of farm workers).… Read More

Getting paid under a construction contract

The contract can be written or oral, and relate to work that is commercial or residential. … Read More

To gift or not to gift: what are the consequences?

Parliament has abolished gift duty from 1 October 2011. 
That means that from 1 October you can make a gift of any size without incurring gift duty (tax). … Read More

The price of milk – is it too high or is the market just misunderstood?

For many New Zealanders the cost of dairy products in the supermarket is not just high, but really high.… Read More

Director’s responsibilities when a business is in trouble

When a business is in trouble there will inevitably be tension between the completing rights and interests of the various stakeholders. Directors are often either driven to seek to save the business or to extract money that they have put into the business.… Read More

Have a safe trip!

Increasing safety on the roads and decreasing the road toll is an ongoing problem – the Land Transport (Road Safety and other Matters) Amendment Bill aims to address this.… Read More

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