Are your employees stressed? Employers, be aware

Workplace stress is an increasing cause of absence from work on sick leave.… Read More

Reminders and tips for terms of trade

Are your terms of trade effective – do they help make sure that you maximise your chances of getting paid? … Read More

Who should have my assets when I die? Deferring that decision

It is sometimes difficult for a person to decide how to distribute their assets, if they believe a change of circumstances for their intended beneficiaries is possible.… Read More

A trap for charities

Keep your register of officers up to date to avoid your charity losing its charitable status.… Read More

Where does your effluent go?

Resource consent must be obtained by farmers in all regions before discharging treated effluent into a waterway.… Read More

The importance of having a quorum

For those of you who are involved in meetings of organisations you might be interested in the rules relating to quorums.… Read More

Buying at a mortgagee sale

Buying a property at a mortgagee sale can be risky. However, you can manage that risk by being careful and taking certain precautions. … Read More

Not paying the rent?

It’s worthwhile knowing where you stand with your lease if you are a tenant who has not been keeping up with rent payments, or if you are a landlord and your tenant has not been paying the rent. … Read More

Restricted building work and the licensed building practitioner’s regime

From 1 March 2012, sweeping changes to the Building Act and its building regulations come into effect. … Read More

Sharemilking agreements – know what you’re getting yourself into

It’s that time of year when farm-owners and sharemilkers are assessing where they are at and deciding where they want to be and doing next season. … Read More

Law change to protect car owner privacy

In May 2011 the Land Transport Act 1998 was amended to better protect vehicle owners’ privacy. … Read More

Companies and Limited Partnerships Amendment Bill

The Companies and Limited Partnerships Amendment Bill was introduced into parliament. If passed, the Bill is set to amend the Companies Act 1993 and Limited Partnerships Act 2008.… Read More

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