The Disputes Tribunal process

The Disputes Tribunal is a unique form of dispute resolution which is designed to be both cost-efficient, speedy and above-all, easy to access for all people. So what is the Tribunal and what can it do for you?… Read More

April 2016: a month of change in employment law

The workplace has been the subject of major review over the past few years. The result is a raft of new rules, which will represent major changes to existing employment law.… Read More

Drinking responsibly this summer

Make sure you have a hummer of a summer by thinking about how to enjoy alcohol outdoors responsibly before hitting the beach or heading to a mate’s for a barbeque.… Read More

Our guide to trust property transactions

New tax legislation will affect all trusts when they buy or sell property. Although the details are not yet final, the tax reporting requirements for trusts are already in effect.… Read More

Lessors beware! What to watch out for if you’re in the business of leasing goods

Leasing goods for a term of more than one year creates a security interest. This security interest means you have a right to the goods you have leased, even though you may not have physical possession of them.… Read More

Five benefits of having a shareholders agreement

Shareholders agreements are useful for companies with a relatively small number of shareholders, where the potential for deadlock and disagreement is greater.… Read More

Are you really prepared to give that guarantee?

Before giving a guarantee, whether it is for your children or your business, it pays to understand the worst case scenario.… Read More

Some comments on the Harmful Digital Communications Act 2015 safe harbour

The Harmful Digital Communications Act 2015 was enacted on 2 July 2015, and it raises a few issues that hosts should be aware of.… Read More

Six common mistakes for home buyers to avoid

The traps to avoid to help ensure your experience buying a property is an exciting and positive one.… Read More

Owning property together: joint tenancy vs tenancy in common

Joint tenancy and tenancy in common are two ownership structures available to people who want to own a property together, in their personal names. What’s best for you?… Read More

The Notary Public – the third arm of the legal profession

Notaries are lawyers appointed by the Archbishop of Canterbury to officially witness signatures on legal documents. WRMK has one Notary Public, Steve Wong.… Read More

Building a house? Make sure your contract has you covered

If something goes wrong, then your building/construction contract is the document that covers disputes, remedies and processes to help eliminate arguments.… Read More

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