Cash for hurt feelings – Employment Court decision signals increases for hurt and humiliation payments

The reality is that firing somebody, and the way an employer goes about it, can have a significant impact on an employee and even result in serious medical effects.… Read More

Relocatable houses – making sure your dream home arrives safe and sound

With property prices around the country reaching record highs, many people are looking to relocatable houses as a faster or more cost-effective option.… Read More

Is your pool cool for summer?

Summer is something that all Northlanders look forward to, but before you dust off your speedos, now is the perfect time to check your pool satisfies all of its legal requirements.… Read More

Communication – the essential ingredient in a healthy employment relationship

As with a healthy relationship of any kind, mutual satisfaction between an employer and an employee relies on communication.… Read More

Employment law under our new government – what can we expect?

This post is some crystal ball gazing about what we might see happening in New Zealand’s employment laws (without the political spin).… Read More

The Contracts and Commercial Law Act 2017 – what does it mean for you?

The Contracts and Commercial Law Act 2017 can be thought of as the latest model Ute to come out of the legislative dealership – a fresh, remastered vehicle for modern day use. … Read More

Does the process really matter if an employee is obviously ‘guilty’?

“What if I catch an employee red-handed – surely I can fire them on the spot?” The answer is no – not even then. Employers still have to follow a fair process.… Read More

Employment contracts: permanent? fixed-term? casual? Which do I need?

Employers are regularly confused about the difference between permanent, casual and fixed-term employees, and what kind of staff member they should have. Here’s our guide.… Read More

Employment investigations – getting it right!

There are a minefield of legal problems that an under-resourced employer has to negotiate to successfully conclude an employment investigation, without falling foul of the procedural rules that abound.… Read More

The Domestic Violence – Victims Protection Bill

Spearheaded by Greens MP, Jan Logie, the Domestic Violence – Victims Protection Bill aims to improve legal protections for victims of domestic violence by establishing systems of workplace support.… Read More

Gifting: about more than what we give at Christmas time

If you live with someone as a couple for three years, if the relationship ends, then any property involved is divided equally – but what exactly is “living together as a couple”? And if your relationship ends, what happens to your stuff?… Read More

My Backyard Subdivision – Part 6: Insurance

In the final part of our Backyard Subdivision series, we discuss the different types of insurance that come into play during a development project, and the need to get specialist advice.… Read More

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