Congratulations to our newly promoted lawyers

Congratulations to Simon Davies-Colley and Heidi Mackey on their promotions to Senior Associate and Senior Lawyer respectively, effective 1 April 2019.… Read More

WRMK Lawyers welcomes new Warkworth director, opens Warkworth office

Welcome to Patrick Steuart, WRMK’s new Director and leader of its newly opened Warkworth office.… Read More

Domestic violence leave NZ: what employers need to know

The Government’s Domestic Violence – Victims’ Protection Act gives new entitlements to victims of domestic violence and puts strict obligations on their employers.… Read More

Constructing the right contract

Large construction projects are popping up everywhere in the North. Getting the right building contract in place up-front can avoid a lot of pain.… Read More

Congratulations to Natalie Robinson on her admission to the bar

Natalie is part of the firm’s rural team and is now based permanently in Dargaville.… Read More

The new rules on selling to overseas buyers won’t affect me, right?

New rules about an overseas person acquiring land in New Zealand came into force in October 2018.… Read More

When employees’ misconduct or bad behaviour matters

When an employer fires an employee for misconduct but gets the process wrong, the first thing they tend to ask us is “Doesn’t the employee’s bad behaviour matter at all?”.… Read More

Winter is almost over – time to rent the bach out

With summer approaching, it is important you are up to date with your rights and obligations as a landlord.… Read More

Cash for hurt feelings – Employment Court decision signals increases for hurt and humiliation payments

The reality is that firing somebody, and the way an employer goes about it, can have a significant impact on an employee and even result in serious medical effects.… Read More

Relocatable houses – making sure your dream home arrives safe and sound

With property prices around the country reaching record highs, many people are looking to relocatable houses as a faster or more cost-effective option.… Read More

Is your pool cool for summer?

Summer is something that all Northlanders look forward to, but before you dust off your speedos, now is the perfect time to check your pool satisfies all of its legal requirements.… Read More

Communication – the essential ingredient in a healthy employment relationship

As with a healthy relationship of any kind, mutual satisfaction between an employer and an employee relies on communication.… Read More

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