WRMK delighted to congratulate Tania Beckham on her appointment as a director

Congratulations to Tania Beckham on her appointment as a Director of the firm, effective from 17 June 2019. … Read More

The pre-franchise sleuthing zone for prospective franchisees

Research before you buy in to a franchise is crucial, and the good news is there’s a lot you can find out for yourself.… Read More

Are your contract terms “fair”?

The New Zealand Commerce Commission is still finding businesses breaching the Unfair Contract Terms rules. … Read More

When does the NZ “brightline test” start and finish?

If you sell a residential property in New Zealand within a certain timeframe, you must pay income tax on any gains, unless it’s your main home or other exemption applies.… Read More

Employment law: change is the new constant

We are in a period of significant uncertainty for both employers and employees. This article takes stock of what has changed, and looks ahead at what is likely to come.… Read More

Top five tips for buying your first home

Having a good lawyer on your side can help you avoid potential pitfalls, make the most of your KiwiSaver and sail into a smooth settlement.… Read More

Welcome to the June edition of eConnect

In this issue: employment matters, the Privacy Bill 2018 and land covenants.… Read More

WRMK lawyer admitted to the bar today

Congratulations to Dilshaan Mohanaraj on his admission to the bar today, in a ceremony presided over by Justice Downs at the Whangarei High Court.… Read More

Swearing at your boss – can you fire a potty-mouthed employee?

With any employee misbehaviour – take a moment to cool off and consider how serious the behaviour actually was (and follow a fair process).… Read More

Health and safety: large fines for simple mistakes

Health and Safety is often looked at as a compliance cost, or a hindrance. It’s harder to dismiss when a failure to take it seriously results in a death, and over $700,000 in fines and payments from the business.… Read More

WRMK Lawyers pull above their weight

The WRMK Lawyers team took part in the Whangarei South Rotary Club Fire Engine Pull on 6 April, to raise funds for the refurbishment of Domain Lodge.… Read More

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