Employment investigations – getting it right!

There are a minefield of legal problems that an under-resourced employer has to negotiate to successfully conclude an employment investigation, without falling foul of the procedural rules that abound.… Read More

The Domestic Violence – Victims Protection Bill

Spearheaded by Greens MP, Jan Logie, the Domestic Violence – Victims Protection Bill aims to improve legal protections for victims of domestic violence by establishing systems of workplace support.… Read More

Employment standards – April 2017 update

Many employers will have agreements which fall foul of the new amendments and could find themselves up for fines or liable to pay large amounts of back pay for overtime or cancelled shifts unless the agreements are updated.… Read More

April 2016: a month of change in employment law

The workplace has been the subject of major review over the past few years. The result is a raft of new rules, which will represent major changes to existing employment law.… Read More

Health and safety reforms

Reform to health and safety rules has taken a significant step forward with the Health and Safety Reform Bill, introduced to parliament on 10 March 2014.… Read More

OSH and not for profit organisations

As a board member or trustee of a Not for Profit organisation you may think that the management of the organisation will take care of OSH obligations – not so.… Read More

Rural employment agreements – more than just filling in the gaps

The Employment Relations Act 2000 requires that all employees have a written agreement of employment. … Read More

Work place drug testing – are all your employees safe?

Drug testing of employees is becoming increasingly popular as employers endeavour to ensure their employees are safe in their workplace.… Read More

Are your employees stressed? Employers, be aware

Workplace stress is an increasing cause of absence from work on sick leave.… Read More

Helmets on quad bikes: nuisance or necessity?

Northland farmers resisting calls to wear helmets when riding quad bikes on farms has caused concern with agencies such as ACC and Brain Injury Association Northland.… Read More

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