Fed up with noisy neighbours?

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Having noisy neighbours is a real problem. Not only is it annoying, it can have a serious effect of your health and your business. Read on to find out what steps you can take to put a stop to excessive noise created by your neighbours.

If you have noisy neighbours, then you have the following options:

  1. Although you cannot evict neighbours from their property, if they are a tenant, you can put pressure on their landlord to do something about the noise problem. This option may or may not be effective.
  2. You can also pressure Noise Control to meet their obligations and deal with the problem. Noise Control can serve an excessive noise direction or abatement notice on your neighbours and, if the direction or notice is not complied with, they may seize the property that is the source of the noise. If the problem persists the neighbours will be liable for a fine.
  3. If you have no luck with Noise Control, you are entitled to make a complaint about them to the Local Council.
  4. You can personally apply to the Environment Court for an enforcement order. The order will require the neighbours to reduce noise to a reasonable level. If the order is not complied with they will be liable for a fine or imprisonment. We can help you with this application.

Putting pressure on the neighbours (or their landlord) and on Noise Control is the best and cheapest option for you to pursue.

Regardless of the action you take, we recommend you keep records of every incident of noise. This will provide evidence to support your complaint.