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Megan Bawden


Office: Whangarei

Megan leads WRMK’s estates and life planning team, with particular expertise in wills, enduring powers of attorney, estates, health and elder law.

She advises clients on everything from drawing up wills to minimise the chance of future disputes, to what to consider when thinking about living in a retirement village or facing a move to residential care. She also works with clients setting up their enduring powers of attorney, and with attorneys needing advice about their role. Megan’s team works closely with our trusts team to ensure our clients’ personal assets are taken care of.

Before she became a lawyer, Megan worked as a registered nurse and independent consultant in the Northland health sector. She has retained a particular interest in medico-legal matters and health sector contracting.


Megan is known for her caring manner, paired with sharp intellect. She graduated her law degree with honours from the University of Auckland as a Senior Scholar in Law. She was also awarded the Auckland District Law Society Prize for best undergraduate academic record in law, prizes in Commercial and Family Law, and a Chapman Tripp Research Scholarship. She is also part way through her Master’s degree in Bioethics and Health Law from the University of Otago.


LLB (Hons), University of Auckland, RCPN



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