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There’s a lot of moving parts in a property transaction. It’s important to make sure you are comparing apples with apples when you are considering fees. Our comprehensive fee estimator lets you get a clear picture of cost, without compromising on client service or extra fees down the track.


We pride ourselves on providing the best client service in town. We support you throughout your transaction, from finance applications and contract negotiation right through to settlement. We set expectations with you early on, and respond quickly to any queries you have on the way. It’s our job to act in your best interests.


Our property and conveyancing team use a mix of online tools and face to face meetings to work with you in the way that best meets your needs, with our digital office supporting efficient processes behind the scenes and access to your files from anywhere. If you love technology, we can do most transactions with only one in person meeting to sign bank documents. If you and your phone/PC just don’t see eye to eye, we’re happy to work with you in a more traditional way and meet or talk with you on the phone as often as you need.

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