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This is a comprehensive will instruction form, and will take a bit of time to answer in full. You can save your work and come back to it at a later time if you need. From your answers, we can efficiently prepare your will and confirm an accurate cost estimate for the work to do so. 

If you only wish to receive an approximate. cost estimate, we recommend you phone us on 09 470 2400 or complete this simple contact form to save you time. 

The process

IMPORTANT: Filling out this form alone will not create a valid will. To be validated, your will must be properly signed and witnessed.

  • Once we receive your completed form, we will email you an estimate for your will and our Terms of Engagement. We may need to call you to clarify some points before providing an estimate. Once you accept our estimate and Terms these we will go ahead and prepare your will documentation.
  • We will then send you your draft will to review. Once you are happy with it, we will arrange to have it executed (signed and witnessed as required by law).
  • If you have a mobile phone or webcam that can record video, this can be done remotely if you are in a COVID-19 lockdown.

Before you start completing the form below, it will be helpful to have to hand:

  • electronic copies of any relationship property or property sharing agreements (you can scan these using a free app on your phone or the Notes feature on your iphone)
  • the date you got married (if applicable)
  • your bank account details
  • details of your assets and loans/debts
  • the name and address of your accountant and investment advisor (if applicable)

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