When you buy or sell your house you are probably dealing with your most valuable asset.

We have professional, experienced staff who will ensure that these transactions are dealt with in a prompt efficient and friendly manner.

Buying and selling property is becoming more complex and risky all the time with changes to the law. You need a lawyer who is up to date with these things and can stand beside you in a property deal to make sure you get the best deal you can, and don't fall into any traps.

You should get us to check any legal document (including any sale and purchase agreement) before you sign it. We ensure that there is someone always available to do this promptly.

We recommend that you see us first to check all aspects of any deals and that the title is in order, and there is no information held by the local authority which you should know about. You should get a Land Information Memorandum which we can get from the council giving all relevant information it has about the land.

We can help you raise and advise you on the terms of any offers of finance. We know the terms that you should expect and what is reasonable and competitive.

All legal work in our office is done under the guidance of a partner. Where possible we use our experienced legal executives to ensure that the cost to you is kept to a minimum.

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They listened and helped us through our first experience of trying to buy a house. We are grateful! We did not feel like a number or anyone, we felt valued and important.

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