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LLB, BA - Associate

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Andrew studied law and philosophy at Victoria University in Wellington, graduated in 2009, and has been working as a lawyer since then. He is also a director and co-founder of OpenLaw NZ, a free legal data platform.

Andrew's primary work areas are relationship property, information and technology, privacy law, and online bullying cases. He has been a member of the Auckland District Law Society Technology & Law Committee since 2013. He has extensive experience dealing with separations (contentious and non-contentious), estate litigation and civil litigation, and can provide advice about drafting terms and conditions or privacy policies for websites and applications. He regularly receives appointments from the Family Court to act as lawyer for incapacitated persons in applications filed under the Protection of Personal and Property Rights Act 1998, and has experience appearing at all levels of the New Zealand court system up to the Court of Appeal.

Outside the office, Andrew enjoys programming, too many computer games, is a classically-trained pianist, and plays in a local funk/soul band, Farandicus.

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Dispute Resolution

Disputes come in lots of different forms so you need different tools to sort them out. Sometimes you can’t avoid going to court. Sometimes you can get a better result with mediation or arbitration.

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We help clients manage thousands of trusts to make sure that they get the results they want. Talk to us for wise advice based on experience.

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Andrew Easterbrook's Blog Posts

Some comments on the Harmful Digital Communications Act 2015 safe harbour

July 30, 2015

The Harmful Digital Communications Act 2015 was enacted on 2 July 2015. Sections 23 to 25 say that if certain steps are followed, online hosts are protected against almost all liability for content hosted on their platform. But there are a few issues that hosts should be aware of.

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Google Plus vs Facebook

July 08, 2011

Google Plus is a new social networking service. It’s pretty much the same as Facebook. However, Google’s offering is gaining a lot of kudos for having better privacy (a brief google search shows lots of blogs saying things along those lines). I wanted to examine the differences between the two services in some more detail.

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Legal Issues Raised by Cloud Computing

May 13, 2011

Yesterday, Google announced that laptops from Acer and Samsung running its new operating system, ChromeOS, will be sold from 15 June.

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